In some form or fashion, the pandemic blew up aspects of your typical day-to-day life and it has forced so many to pause and ask, “Am I truly living the life I want?” As the world takes steps to normalize, and we get back into the hustle of life, it’s critical that we continue to honor what the pause taught us while counterbalancing the new day-to-day normal.”

It is hard to slow down when there are so many things competing for your attention, but know that slowing down allows you to speed back up! The pause doesn’t need to be long, but continuously checking in with yourself on a daily basis is the key to thriving, not merely surviving.

The pause allows you to nip things in the butt before you get too far off course. Think of the pause as quick water breaks and check-ins so that you suddenly don’t find yourself in an unfamiliar and miserable place and you are not even sure how you got there. As you take a pause think about these three things

Mindset Is Key – Rarely is anything substantial ever accomplished in a day, so it is important to focus on what you are accomplishing, while ensuring that your goals align with your true values and desires.

Capitalizing On The Energy – Who remembers being so exhausted at the end of the day, that dinner became whatever could be eaten straight from the container? Whatever amount of spare time you have, be sure to put it towards those thoughts and activities that really matter to you.

Remove The Resistance So You Don’t Get Stuck – Flowing with life means figuring out what holds you down – there is power in pausing and asking yourself the tough questions. What brings you joy? Is this the lifestyle you want?