Reclaim Your Power

Reclaim Your Power serves as a personal guide that will help allow your passions and purpose to discover YOU!

Through everyday life stories, Reclaim Your Power shares the lessons, wisdom, and passion pathway Lauren discovered while embarking on a four year inward quest. Reclaim Your Power demonstrates the value in honoring your thoughts, feelings, and acting upon your true desires. It demonstrates the importance of exercising your mind daily so you can connect with your body and live from your heart space to create a life you are passionate about!

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Things You’ll Discover Reading Reclaim Your Power:

  • A pathway to create a life you love
  • Your Life is NOW
  • The value of understanding your pattens and cycles
  • How to make time your bitch
  • The importance of trusting the process and surrendering
  • How to identify your breadcrumbs
  • The power of your beliefs
  • The importance of feedback and your unconscious thoughts

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What Readers Are Saying

“Reclaim Your Power is the permission slip you need to give yourself to come ‘home’ and live the life you deserve once and for all.”

Regan Walsh
Author of Heart Boss

“Empowering and inspiring! When you let go of who you believe you are, you reclaim your power and step into who you’re created to be.”

Rachel Brooks
Host of The Confident Woman Podcast

“Reclaim Your Power will help you see your life in new ways, getting the shine back in your sense of purpose. This passionate book just might be the spark you need to relight your inner magic.”

Marga Laube
Author of Agents of Evolution

“Incredible read for anyone who is ready to launch into the person they’re meant to be.”

Maiko Frederick
CEO of Soul Priority

Amazon Reviews

Brooke Corwin
Brooke Corwin
Quick + inspiring read Finished this in 2 days with tons of new ideas for self discovery and growth. I love how Lauren is really honest about the struggles of daily life + wanting a career and motherhood and figuring out what honoring herself looks like on top of all of it. Definitely recommend if you feel stuck or are looking for ways to level up in life!
Prepare to think deeply about yourself This book is really great. I found myself relating thoroughly to Lauren in many ways throughout the book and I think that’s what made this such a page turner. I found myself excited to know what happened next because I wanted to see what happened next for me. I gained a lot of insight and found that I was thinking more about myself and my feelings than I ever have.This book is a quick read and I bet you’ll gain something special by reading it.
Yvette Towe
Yvette Towe
Authentic and Actionable This book met me where I was and elevated me to begin taking action at a time when I needed it most. I’ve read so many self-help books that are inspiring and thought provoking but never guided me to take actionable steps towards what I was actually looking to accomplish.The tools and exercises in this book combined with real life stories of someone taking the steps themselves is not only relatable but motivating.This book was gifted to me and is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received as it’s started a journey for me that has already begun. If you’re looking for someone to meet you where you are, and walk alongside you while you venture on a journey of self discovery - this is for you!
Megan Blackmon
Megan Blackmon
Great read! I loved Lauren's book. It was filled with many of the things we all know we should do in order to be our best selves yet it goes BEYOND that. Lauren's vulnerability makes you feel a connection that many self helps miss. She takes you on a journey to find yourself and your passion. Trust me, I was skeptical and sort of sad when I started the book because I thought I was hopeless find rediscover myself and my passions....but I trusted the process and continued to read/put in the work.My relationships improved, my contentedness of life has improved and my imposter syndrome is no longer the loudest voice in my head.
Leila Gomez
Leila Gomez
Great Book! Written so well you feel like you are there with lauren as she goes through her journey. Very relatable!
Andrea Mobley
Andrea Mobley
Wonderful Book This book allowed me to really think about how I look at everything on a daily bases. It’s very motivational and I loved it so much I have the paperback as well as the audible to listen in the car or when walking around.
Real life Such a great book and program. Real life experiences coupled with creat8ve solutions. Highly recommended.
Very insightful Reading this book was refreshing! It was an easy read and the author was relatable. My favorite thing about this book was changing my perspective on some of the smaller things in my day to day that was making a big impact with how I set the tone for my day. Definitely recommend!
Heather Capell
Heather Capell
Great practical tips on how to get what you really want out of life! Read this as part of a book club led by the author, and loved it. A quick read, with numerous great examples to get the points across, and a few wonderful questions to ask yourself at the end of each chapter. Very thought-provoking, and helped me look at my time and how I spend it in a whole new light.
Marsha McKnight
Marsha McKnight
Intriguing and good for soul searching This book provides such thought-provoking content and really encourages you to look within. Most often we don't give much thought to what we're really passionate about. It empowers you to think about you and does so in a way that doesn't make you feel guilty! I highly encourage anyone who might feel stuck in a rut or just isn't sure about their life's direction to get a copy of this book and dive into it.

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