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Need a dynamic and authentic speaker who will inspire you to reclaim your power?


An empathetic motivator who can inspire and empower other women through experiential keynotes and workshops at Fortune 500 companies, industry associations and groups around the world.

Topics I Cover

How to Reclaim Your Power and Design a Life You LOVE

The Power in the Pause

How To Get OFF Your Hamster Wheel

Turning Hustle into Alignment with Your Heart’s Desires

The Magic in Discovering YOU!

OverBOOKed: A Reclaim Your Power Journey

Experiential Workshop

Be a catalyst to create wellness and harmony in your employee’s lives so they show up with more zest for life as fulfilled confident leaders.

* In 2022 more than half (53%) said they are more stressed than they were a year ago, and almost half (46%) report feeling burned out.

* Due to high burnout rates, one in three women considers leaving the labor force or downshifting their careers.

Why Me As Your Trusted Guide?

Issue Spotter

For the last 10+ years as an attorney I’ve perfected the ability to issue spot and strategize. I am known for getting results!

I Get It

I was you! I had very little energy for anything and had absolutely no idea how to reclaim my own power.

It’s My Passion

I love helping people! I am intuitive, empathetic, resourceful and motivating.

1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to take the leap and invest in yourself?

What You’ll Get:

Pathway to Peace, Passion & Purpose Program

Dedicate 3 months to yourself so that your peace, passions, and purpose discover YOU!

Human Design Reading

Your intricate personalized design serves as a road map that can help you make decisions and move forward. It is a tool that helps awaken your inner wisdom and power.

Top 3 Enneagram Highlights

Learn your strengths and unconscious blocks utilizing the Ennegram.

6 one-hour Intensive Calls

Followed by personalized detailed call notes and action plans.

Life Path Number Overview

Understanding your life path number can help you understand yourself and navigate your life with a greater sense of purpose.

Unlimited Voxer Access

Think of this as our walkie talkie system that is available to you 24/7.

* Serious inquiries only. This investment is $2,500.

Reasons to Reclaim Your Power

Can you feel that you are meant to do something else, but you have no idea what that something else is?
Have you lost your zest for life and feel rundown on the regular?
Are you looking for your passion and purpose?
Do you have a wild idea, but can’t seem to get off your hamster wheel to get started?
Are you successful, but feel unfulfilled?


“I really can’t put into words what working with Lauren has done for my life. I remember some of the very first words I spoke to her on our connection call… “I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel, running and running and going nowhere.” I had made so many improvements in my life and I should have been happy, but I felt empty, uninspired, and lost. I just wanted to find my purpose, or as Lauren says, let my purpose find me. Through working with Lauren, that spark was ignited. I didn’t have to find my purpose, it didn’t have to find me. It was always there, it was a remembering, a reclamation. Lauren helped me to slow down, to look inward and find the answers I was seeking. She encouraged me when I was low, cheered me on when I made HUGE discoveries, and was always there to hold space for me. In 3 short months I began healing my marriage, I began loving myself again, I started the business of my hearts desire, I created sacred time for myself and I learned to celebrate every step of the way. I’ve found a lifelong friend and sisterhood with Lauren. Link arms with her, you won’t regret it!”

Amber West

“Lauren helped me forward in my life. I felt stuck but I couldn’t seem to make the necessary changes.I had no vision. With Lauren, I was able to hone in on what makes me tick, what my passions and beliefs truly are, and how to build the life I want. Lauren helped me move from a place of fear to one of bravery and limitlessness. I highly recommend working with her. It is time, money and energy well spent!”

Heather Curry

“I highly recommend working with Lauren! After the birth of my second child, I knew I was at an inflection point in my life, but I felt stuck and couldn’t recognize what I needed to shift myself forward. Lauren’s questions sparked a life-changing conversation. She offered me ideas and activities to continue my discovery process. These tools and suggestions inspired me to be accountable for creating the life and happiness I always wanted. Now I wake up energized with a sense of direction and purpose. I am genuinely excited about the possibilities for today and the future!”

Tiffany Harlan

“I had the privilege of having Lauren as my mentor for two months, during that time Lauren gave me many helpful tools that I could use for a lifetime! Lauren had a natural ability to know what I was struggling with and was extremely helpful in giving me tools that would help me change the way I thought about things. I gained more confidence in who I was, learned to trust myself, and speak into my future. I always loved talking with Lauren! During our time together, I became completely free from looking for validation in other people. Lauren is a trustworthy, kind, loving, generous, and gracious person with a big heart and loves to see people succeed in life! If you are struggling and need someone to talk with, I would recommend Lauren, she has wisdom in helping you succeed in life!”

Irene Slabaugh

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