Ohio Retreat
Ohio Retreat

If you’re ready to RECLAIM YOUR POWER and give yourself the love that you so freely give to everyone around you, then come join us to Re-VIVE and Re-VIBE!

September 28 – October 1, 2023

Imagine the crisp morning air hitting your body as you step outside to drink your warm cup of coffee that won’t require a re-heat. You hear the birds chirping as you marvel over the autumn foliage and serene lake views. You gaze at the trees as they release their leaves, realizing you too are releasing what no longer serves you.

Your mouth begins to water as you reminisce about the warm tomato soup made from fresh local tomatoes and basil that the private chef prepared for you the night before. You begin to feel a shift, not sure when or how it happened so quickly.

Ohio retreat
Ohio retreat

Your mind is quieter than it’s ever been before, and your spirit feels energized. Your body is relaxed from your deep tissue massage and your mind is blown from your psychic reading and reiki experience from Brenda. You’re still wondering how she could tap into your soul like that.

You are surrounded by like-minded women who are also learning new tools, techniques and modalities to gain more peace, passion and purpose. You feel clear and alive, ready for the infinite possibilities that await you.


  • How amazing it would feel to discover what true fulfillment looks like for you?
  • Being able to tap into your intuition, quiet your mind, and feel relaxed in your body.
  • Having practical tools to tap into your Zen so you can embody more love, patience, and acceptance for yourself and those around you?
  • Taking a real break and learning how to sustain your energy so you can keep up with life.
  • Shedding your “shoulds” and giving them the middle finger so that you can truly live the abundant life you are meant for!
  • Having true clarity and peace, knowing there is no need to prove yourself or over analyze anything ever again.

By the end of this retreat, you’ll have RECLAIMED YOUR POWER by carving out sacred space for yourself to learn practical tools to REJUVENATE, UNCOVER and ALIGN with your heart’s desires to create a life filled with PEACE, PASSION & PURPOSE!

Ohio retreat

Yup, I’m Worth It!


With like-minded supportive women, you’ll experience:

  • A deep cultivation of awareness, tapping into your senses of who you really are!
  • A powerful shift that will transform your perspective about how you use your time and celebrate yourself.
  • Gain intel and wisdom from your customized Clarity Blueprint that includes your life path number, Human Design info, top 3 Enneagram numbers, and an overview of your astrology.
  • Sound baths that will provide an energetic shift, allowing you to be in the present moment and access your authentic self.
  • An understanding of how to tap into your intuition and stand in your power so you can move forward with intention and ease.
  • Clarity on how to get out of your own way!

Location + Venue

Sandusky Bay – Lake Erie, Ohio

Water is one of the four universal elements (Fire, Water, Earth, & Air) and is known to calm the mind, body and spirit, which is why Sandusky Bay makes a perfect weekend getaway! It’s been named the Best Coastal Small Town in America and is a quick 2-hour drive from Columbus, Ohio. Located on Lake Erie, the Northern tip of Ohio.

Your home away from home is a 3,400 sq ft 7-bedroom lake house with breathtaking panoramic views of Sandusky Bay. Equipped with a large outdoor oasis and perfectly manicured patio overlooking the bay. The luscious backyard sanctuary offers serene lake views to take in sunrise and sunsets, a large fire pit, and a hammock situated right under the trees. You’ll also enjoy access to kayaks, horseshoes, croquet, a paddle boat, a private beach on the North Shore, and a 13-person private boat called FLOW FINDER for night caps and exploration of unique wildlife.

I’m Ready for that Outdoor Oasis!


PRIVATE CHEF… need I say more?

I’m a firm believer that everyone deserves a private chef in their life! Wake up to an amazing barista that can make you a skinny vanilla latte to a shot of espresso. Indulge in healthy breakfast smoothies and seasonal fruits that will awaken and fuel your soul.

Your mouth will water when you see the homemade egg rolls and extravagant charcuterie board. Let’s not forget about the mandarin oranges covered in chocolate and sea salt that will blow your taste buds away and keep you coming back for more!

All meals and desserts are provided. All dinners are paired with a specialty cocktail or wine. Champagne toast upon arrival. Let’s just say the food may be your favorite part!

The Journey to Reclaiming Your Power

DISCLAIMER: This is a tentative itinerary, as we will be working with the energy in the room and in the flow of what is needed in the present moment.


Arrival Day – Thursday @ 6 pm “Decompressing”

  • Settle into your room & house
  • Meet & Greet Cocktail Party
  • Dinner
  • First Sacred Circle & Ground Rules
  • Sound Bath Under the Stars

Friday “Sensing”

  • Morning Movement & Breakfast
  • Senses Activity
  • Free Time / Massages / Psychic Readings
  • Lunch
  • Intuition Exercise + Values
  • Apps/Dinner
  • Sound Bath + Visualization Meditation
  • Fire

Saturday “Releasing”

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Movement Release Exercise
  • Free Time / Massages / Psychic Readings
  • Lunch
  • Achievement Exercise
  • Dinner
  • Moonlight Mojito Sunset Boat Ride
  • Full Moon Releasing Ceremony
  • Bedtime Sound Bath

Departure Day – Sunday at 6 pm “Aligning”

  • Morning Movement & Breakfast
  • Vision Walk
  • Free Time / Massages / Psychic Readings
  • Clarity Blueprint Review
  • Lunch
  • I AM Statements + Values
  • Packing
  • Closing Ceremony

I’m ready to Reclaim MY Power!

What’s Included

  • Your Stay – Your selected room + the beautiful waterfront oasis.
  • Private Boat – Flow Finder is eager to take you out for a boat ride on the Bay.
  • Private Chef – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner made fresh daily. You’ll enjoy 3 healthy breakfasts and 3 mouthwatering lunches and 3 dinners. Unlimited access to tea, coffee and bottled water. Did I mention the specialty drinks and energy protein balls?
  • Personalized Clarity Blueprint – This is a blueprint specific to YOU that will serve as a helpful guide for your life! It contains your Human Design Type, Strategy & Authority, Top 3 Enneagram Numbers, Your Life Path Number, along with intel about your astrology (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, & Rising Ascendant). Think of it as your GPS take home folder!
  • Magical, guided experiences and teachings – Time for self-reflection, games, group and individual guided exercises and meditations, yoga, sacred circles, and more! You’ll be feeling your power within.
  • Sound Bowls – Let the vibrations take you into a deep meditative state.
  • Lake Life Amenities The outdoor waterfront oasis awaits you! Grab a kayak or paddle boat and head out for a sunrise or sunset or simply rest in the hammock under the colorful falling leaves.
  • Integration Calls – Join a preparation zoom call before the retreat to ask all your questions and meet other retreat attendees. We’ll also have one post integration call a week after the retreat.
  • Group Chat – Stay connected with your new friends via a private group chat where you can share updates and post-retreat life events.

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What’s Not Included

  • Transportation – You’ll be responsible for getting to and from the lake.
  • Massage/Psychic Readings – You’ll have access to a licensed massage therapist and Psychic Bren all weekend!
    • $80 for 60 min. massage
    • $60 for 30 min. reading.
    • $120 for massage/reading combo (a fan favorite!)
  • Other Expenses – Souvenirs and/or personal expenses.
  • Personal Snacks & Beverages – Specific energy drinks, creamers, etc.


Hi! I am Lauren, your lead retreat facilitator, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about the chance to spend time with you! I am on a passionate mission to help as many women as possible reclaim their power. There was a time in my life where I used to cringe when someone would say, “ya know…everything happens for a reason.”

I’ve found it’s hard to understand why we are faced with hardship and the everyday turbulence of life. I know first-hand how difficult it is to get off life’s hamster wheel, quite the mind, and truly find time to just BE. I’ve also learned that when you reclaim your own power, light emerges, and you discover things beyond your wildest imagination.

Want the truth about me? My type A ass created everything I wanted in my life only to leave me feeling unfulfilled. I had a beautiful healthy family, a great paying job, and a house that felt like home. I even got to travel often, yet something always felt so off, and life always felt SO hard. I constantly felt anxious, was my own worst critic, and my mind never seemed to shut up. Maybe you can relate?

In 2017, I was asked a simple question, “What are you passionate about?” Welp…I didn’t have an answer, but desperately wanted it. This sent me down a 4-year inward quest that allowed me to reclaim my power. And, what do you know, by doing so my peace, passions, and purpose discovered me!

I now desire nothing more than to help other women give themselves the love that they so freely give to others and help them reclaim their own power! I invite you to link arms with me and join me in this reclaim your power movement! I’d love nothing more than to share the tools and modalities that have changed my life forever!

Want to get real personal? Check out my book: Reclaim Your Power: A guide to allow your passions and purpose to discover YOU! 

Hello, I am Psychic Bren (Lauren’s Mom). Since I was a little girl, I could sense things, and throughout my life I’ve been repeatedly told that I was a sensitive soul. I discovered as an adult that being sensitive was not a bad thing, but rather an empathetic gift.

As an empath, I can read auras and can feel your energy. I help people, like you, gain insights into yourself, your life, and can connect with your loved ones who have passed. I can help guide you to your authentic self and will leave you feeling empowered. I am a licensed massage therapist and Reiki master. I love incorporating my empathic gifts into my massages. People often tell me it’s a one-of-a-kind experience! It is a true blessing that I get to help others and aid in their healing journeys. I look forward to meeting you in person on the Reclaim Your Power Retreat.

I’m ready to Re-VIVE & Re-VIBE!

This trip is for you if…

  • You’re looking for more peace, passion, and purpose in your life.

  • If you’re ready to reclaim your power to create a life you love!

  • You’re ready to put yourself first and expand your circle of support with other like-minded women.

  • You want to awaken your creativity, confidence, and clarity.

  • You’re looking to be pampered, while exploring yourself on a deeper level.  

This trip is not for you if…

  • You’re not open to trying new things or moving past your comfort zone.
  • You’re unwilling to go with the flow.
  • You’re looking for a weekend vacation to do nothing or to just drink alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t afford this?

This isn’t just a trip to a pretty place; it is an investment in YOU! Payment plans are available; simply email info@letsrelcaimyourpower.com for more information.

Can I bring my kids/partner?

No, this journey has been curated just for YOU. We know the more you can focus on yourself the more rest, rejuvenation and transformation you will experience.

I’m concerned about staying with people I don’t know.

Not to fear, your journey will begin with a private group chat and zoom call to get to know other retreat attendees BEFORE you even show up! Rest assured, this will be a safe and inviting space for YOU!

Do I have to participate in everything?

Nope! We strongly advocate that YOU know what is best for YOU, but the journey has been curated with intention, and with YOU in mind.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes! We are happy to accommodate you! Post registration, we will send you a survey where you can clearly state your dietary preferences and needs.

What if I can’t go after I register?

We realize life happens, which is why we highly recommend travel insurance. Travel Insurance can often cover your trip cancellation fees and medical coverage. Reach out to candace@travelwithcandacellc.com to inquire about policies. We also recommend you read our cancellation policy.

What do I pack?

We’ve got you covered. After registration, we will send you a packing list and itinerary!

Contact Us


Email: info@letsreclaimyourpower.com

Text me (Lauren): 614-562-0285


Ready to join us?